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My name is Maha, I am in 5PW at L.P.S and you are reading the mysteries of my life. Enjoy!

Pakistan: The last two weeks

Hi everyone I am in Pakistan right now and my trip is going fantastic!

Here are my highlights :

My first week highlights were:

  • My cousins who used to live in Karachi have moved to a house near us
  • We went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant
  • My brother recovered from his flu
  • We also had Pizza Hut

My second week highlights were:

  • We went to KFC and had lots of fun
  • On Saturday, we had this party for everyone’s birthday. It was fanastic!
  • On Sunday, we went to a restaurant called 1969.

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Have you gone or going to a place far away?



Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Today, the 2nd of September, (Spring) is Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is a day where we thank our dads. Every dad is special to you!

4KM and 4KJ have got fantastic plans and I hope they have enjoyed them!

– At

Dads, I hope you had a splendid Father’s Day!


Thank you to Miss Jordan for giving me an idea for this post!

Go to her post for Father’s Day on 4KM and 4KJ’s blog!

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What did you do on Father’s Day or doing?

What did you get your dad?

Did your dad enjoy Father’s Day?


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