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My name is Maha, I am in 5PW at L.P.S and you are reading the mysteries of my life. Enjoy!

Project Planet

Hello everyone, I am so sorry I haven’t been on for SUCH a long time, but I just haven’t found time to do a post!

I am now in Grade 5 in Miss Waterson’s grade and I am now in Term 3.

This term we are learning about PLANETS and I am going to tell you what we have to do.

We are doing a project where we have to be EXPERTS on a planet, and when I mean expert, I mean know-it-all!

I am doing the planet Venus and in 4 weeks time we are having an open day to show what we learned about our planets.

We had a choice, and still do, about what how we can represent our facts and knowledge about our planets.

I chose to do a model of Venus and to do an iMovie on the iPad’s.


If you see this post, and know other people who see this blog, could you please tell them I am doing posts again!


If you are in 5PW, could you please tell me what  planet you’re doing and how you are going to represent it? And if you  aren’t, have you done a project like this before? 

If you are in 5PW or not, could you please share with us your planet facts?

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