Moments With Maha

My name is Maha, I am in 5PW at L.P.S and you are reading the mysteries of my life. Enjoy!

About Me

My name is Maha ,I am 4km and I go to Leopold Primary School

Here are a few thing about me:

I am in a family of four with my brother(Aariz), my mum(Shazia) and my dad(Sohail).

I love to play tennis.

I love to read, write and do craft.

My favourite subjects at school are P.E, Art,writing and maths.

My favourite food is spaghetti. Yummy!

My favourite drink is Ribena.

Here are a few questions for you to comment on:

Do you have anything in common with me?

Please tell me a bit about your self.


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Libst♦r says:

    Hello Maha,
    Yum, I LOVE spaghetti, maths, writing, reading and P.E like you. Also Ribena.
    My favourite drink is Lipton Ice Tea (Peach flavour.) My favourite foods are strawberries, cucumber and most of all CHOCOLATE!

    Happy Blogging.
    Your pal,

    • Maha says:

      Hi Libz!

      Wow! I never knew we had SO much in common!

      I also like Lipton Ice Tea and of course…… CHOCLATE!

      From your friend,

      Maha :mrgreen:

  2. Taite says:

    Hey again,
    I was just curious what ribena is. What does it taste like or look like?

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