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My Friends

on July 4, 2012

I have lots of friends and to name a few, here they are.

Loren:Β She was the first friend I had when I came to Leopold Primary School, Grade 1.

Hannah: I also met her in Grade 1. You can see her and Becky’s blog here

Sophie: I met her in the middle of Grade 1. You can see her blog here

Shakira: I met her in Grade 2. You can see her blog here

Leah: She showed me around the school when I first came to LPS.

Kealee: I met her recently in Grade 4.

Becky: I met her this year in Grade 4.

Libby: I was friends with her since Grade 2.You can see her blog here

Maddy: I was also friends with her since Grade 2. You can see her blog here

Heath: He is so hilarious and really cracks me up.

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Do you have a group of friends or a best friend?

18 Responses to “My Friends”

  1. Bronte says:

    Dear Maha,
    I have a group of best friends, Jess Jess blog (Jessica), Iesha and Indi (Indiana).
    I met them all when I first came here in grade two, they’ve been in every class I’ve had so far! πŸ™‚

    Your friend,
    Bronte πŸ˜† :mrgreen: 😐

    • Maha says:

      Dear Bronte,

      It is good that you have friends! You must have been friends for a very long time!

      From your friend,

      Maha :mrgreen:

  2. Libst@r says:

    Hi Maha,
    Wow what a great post! I have subscribed to your blog so I get emails of someone has commented on your blog or if you have put a new post on so that’s how I knew you had put a new post on.

    Thanks for putting me on your post! Your a great friend and an awesome blogger, I know exactly why you and Trent won their own blog!

    I have a group of friends and they are Loren, you, Maddy, Tahlia (4PR), Georgia and lots more.

    Happy Blogging.
    Your pal,

    • Maha says:

      Dear Libz,

      Thank you! I didn’t know if any one had subscribed yet!

      Your welcome! You are my friend so I put you on! Thank you again!

      Thank you once more! You have a lot of friends!

      From your friend,

      M@H@ :mrgreen:

  3. Trent says:

    Hi Maha,

    Nice post.

    Yes I do have some friends. Here they are, Adam, Brodey and Lachie!

    Also, what are you up to on the holidays.

    From, Trent

    • Maha says:

      Hi Trent!

      Thanks! I will visit your blog some time!

      It’s great to know you have great friends!

      Nothing much on the holidays, I went ice-skating and saw Disney on Ice though! What have you been doing on the holidays?

      From your friend,

      Maha :mrgreen:

  4. shakira β™₯ says:

    Dear Maha,

    Wow what a fantastico post your friends thanks for doing my name on your blog post. It was fun meating you in grade 2

    • Maha says:

      Dear Shakira,

      Thank you! Your welcome! You are my best friend so I had to write you! πŸ˜€ Thanks! It was so much fun meeting you !

      From your bestie,

      Maha :mrgreen:

  5. Aariz says:

    Hi Maha!
    My friends are lochlan that I met in Prep.
    James M that I met in grade 1 and Wade that came to this scool in grade 2 and I was the first person to meet him.
    I’ll comment sometime soon.
    From Aariz :mrgreen: πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  6. Shazia says:

    hi dear,
    lovely post. well i had lots of friends all my life and would like to have many more. A friend is somebody that you can trust and rely on, somebody who is honest, caring and be able to point out your weakness and add into your strengths.
    I hope one day you will find a friend like that.
    l Love you

    from your mummy

    • Maha says:

      Hi Mummy!

      Thank you so much! I hope your friends were nice people!

      I also think a friend is an honest and caring person.

      Thank you!

      I love you too!

      From your daughter,

      Maha :mrgreen: πŸ˜† πŸ˜€

  7. Matt says:

    Hi Maha,
    This is Matt Becky and Hannahs Dad. My girls are lucky to have a wonderfull friend like you,They also have other great friends too. School is a good place to form long lasting friendships and I have friends that I can still call good mates that I met in school. Friends should always look out for each other and not tease or hurt each others feelings.

    From Matt .

    • Maha says:

      Hi Matt! πŸ™‚

      Thank you! I am very lucky to have friends like Hannah and Becky! I also think school is a good place to make and have lasting friendships!

      That’s is good that you still have school friends that you can catch up with! I think friends are people who stand up for you and are kind and supportive!

      From your friend,

      Maha :mrgreen:

  8. Chloe says:

    Dear Maha,
    great post about your friends.
    Your lucky to have so many friends.
    Its good you have so many friends, it shows you use friendship.
    From Chloe

    • Maha says:

      Hi Chloe!

      Thank you for commenting on my blog! What a surprise! I didn’t know you would comment!

      Thank you once again.

      You will have lots of friends as well!

      Thank you! You use friend ship as well!

      From your friend,

      Maha :mrgreen:

  9. Joshua [4KM] says:

    Dear Maha,

    Love the post!
    ihave quiet a small amount of friends but
    here they are
    lachie [4km]
    and patrick, when I first came to school half way through
    grade prep I was realy scared and I was always thinking do
    I have any friends at all or how will i get new friends if my other
    friends leave me.

    I guess friendship can be hard if you don’t use it right.

    bye for now,


    • Maha says:

      Dear Josh,

      Thank you!

      It is okay to have a small amount of friends. I remember when I had very less friends as well!

      I remember Tyler and Conner. Brodey, Lachie and Patrick are people that I met this year and I am pretty good friends with them.

      I was scared when I first came to Leopold Primary I was afraid that I won’t have any friends. But of course some friends might move on but some friends might be with you for a long time!

      I think friendship is a wonderful thing if you are a great person to have it with.


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