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My name is Maha, I am in 5PW at L.P.S and you are reading the mysteries of my life. Enjoy!

Project Planet

Hello everyone, I am so sorry I haven’t been on for SUCH a long time, but I just haven’t found time to do a post!

I am now in Grade 5 in Miss Waterson’s grade and I am now in Term 3.

This term we are learning about PLANETS and I am going to tell you what we have to do.

We are doing a project where we have to be EXPERTS on a planet, and when I mean expert, I mean know-it-all!

I am doing the planet Venus and in 4 weeks time we are having an open day to show what we learned about our planets.

We had a choice, and still do, about what how we can represent our facts and knowledge about our planets.

I chose to do a model of Venus and to do an iMovie on the iPad’s.


If you see this post, and know other people who see this blog, could you please tell them I am doing posts again!


If you are in 5PW, could you please tell me what  planet you’re doing and how you are going to represent it? And if you  aren’t, have you done a project like this before? 

If you are in 5PW or not, could you please share with us your planet facts?

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Results of ‘The Poll’

If you have seen my lats post about ‘The Poll’, well,

here are the results,

Christmas, summer etc: 15 votes

Holidays: 1 vote

School:   1 vote

Family: 0 votes

Christmas, summer etc won!


Look out for my next post!



My Poll

I have been thinking that I should let you choose what post I should write about.

Here is my poll:

Have you done or started a poll?

What would you write for a post?



2012 Edublog Award Nominations

It is time for the 2012 Edublog Awards!

This is my first time knowing and even learning about what it is!

In class Ms Jordan put a post on the 4KM and 4KJ Blog about it!

I am going to do my nominations for the awards.

I will have a few sections.

Here are my nominations:

Best Class Blog

Mrs Yollis’ Class Blog

I have only learned about Mrs Yollis and her class blog this year but she has one great blog!

We have learned lots from her class blog and from skyping as well!

Mrs Yollis is a very well-seen blog!

Best Student Blog

 Skye’s Super Blog

Skye is 9 years old and is in Ms Jordan’s class this year.

She has had her blog since for two years now and has made fantastic progress!

She is a very good blogger and has lots of quality posts!

Best New Blog

 Grade 3/4 Learning Legends at Lonnie

Grade 3/4 Learning Legends at Lonnie are a fantastic group of students who are very good bloggers!

They have recently started their blog and if you press the link then you can see their great posts!

They are in Point Lonsdale.

If you want to do it then this is what you do:

If you have a blog or website, and you want to submit your nominations, you can visit this site, to find out how to do it. It will finish on the 26th of November.

Thank you to Mrs Morris and Ms Jordan for giving me this idea for a post.

 Did you like my nominations?

Who would you nominate for the awards?


Pakistan: The last two weeks

Hi everyone I am in Pakistan right now and my trip is going fantastic!

Here are my highlights :

My first week highlights were:

  • My cousins who used to live in Karachi have moved to a house near us
  • We went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant
  • My brother recovered from his flu
  • We also had Pizza Hut

My second week highlights were:

  • We went to KFC and had lots of fun
  • On Saturday, we had this party for everyone’s birthday. It was fanastic!
  • On Sunday, we went to a restaurant called 1969.

Comment on:


Have you gone or going to a place far away?




In 3 days, we (4KM and 4KJ) will be having our


But for me, my holiday won’t be for 2 weeks like the rest of 4KM and 4KJ,

I will be going away for 5 weeks! I am going to Islamabad, Pakistan.

I am going to the Melbourne airport on Sunday 23rd, at 3:00 in the morning!

Pakistan is a country in the continent called Asia.

Here is a picture of Pakistan.

You will see I have circled where I have been staying when I have visited since I was 10 months old.

I go to Pakistan once a year to visit my grandma and cousins.

Do you have grandparents and cousins that live


Have you gone on a plane before?

Have you been overseas?


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Today, the 2nd of September, (Spring) is Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is a day where we thank our dads. Every dad is special to you!

4KM and 4KJ have got fantastic plans and I hope they have enjoyed them!

– At

Dads, I hope you had a splendid Father’s Day!


Thank you to Miss Jordan for giving me an idea for this post!

Go to her post for Father’s Day on 4KM and 4KJ’s blog!

Comment on:

What did you do on Father’s Day or doing?

What did you get your dad?

Did your dad enjoy Father’s Day?


Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters!

This term our topic is Natural Disasters.

A natural disaster is a negative doing from nature which causes loss of life, environment and houses.

Natural disasters are floods, tsunami, drought, volcano eruption, bushfire, tornado, cyclone, hurricane and heatwave.

Here is a PhotoPeach with some examples of natural disasters.


Thank you to Maddy for giving me this idea for a post!

She will be getting her own blog so look out on 4KM and 4KJs blog to see if they have put out her blog!

Comment on:

Do you have any facts on natural disasters?

What natural disaster would you be keen on to study?


My Friends

I have lots of friends and to name a few, here they are.

Loren: She was the first friend I had when I came to Leopold Primary School, Grade 1.

Hannah: I also met her in Grade 1. You can see her and Becky’s blog here

Sophie: I met her in the middle of Grade 1. You can see her blog here

Shakira: I met her in Grade 2. You can see her blog here

Leah: She showed me around the school when I first came to LPS.

Kealee: I met her recently in Grade 4.

Becky: I met her this year in Grade 4.

Libby: I was friends with her since Grade 2.You can see her blog here

Maddy: I was also friends with her since Grade 2. You can see her blog here

Heath: He is so hilarious and really cracks me up.

Comment on:

Do you have a group of friends or a best friend?


What is your Favourite Song?

 What are your favourite songs because I have lots.

I like hip hop, pop and rap.

These are some of my favourite songs:

Pound The Alarm, Starships and Superbase by Nicki Minaj.

For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert.

Where Have You Been by Rihanna.

Whistle by Florida.

Turn All The Lights On by T-Pain.

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jaspen.

Payphone by Maroon 5.

And much more.

Comment on:

What are your favourite songs?

What kind of genre do you like?



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